About Us

LM GROUP is a company that started to produce Industrial Shelving in Russia in 2005.

As it happens in Europe where the shelving producers are divided in those producing Industrial Shelving and those producing Supermarket Shelving, LM GROUP choose the Industrial Shelving since the very beginning.

The choice must be done since the beginning in order to purchase the correct production lines. In Russia the major players in the Industrial Shelving field are equipped with production lines designed for Supermarket Shelving and therefore the range for the Industrial Shelving is limited. To overcome this limit several producers issue certification with security coefficients often dangerously reduced to meet the required capacities. This situation resulted in several incidents specially in the pallet racking.

Also during the various moments of deep crises of the market we always resisted the temptation to purchase cheap production equipment thus resulting today, without any doubt or possibility of discussion, as the far better equipped company for the production of Industrial Shelving in Russia. Our production shop is equipped only with automatic lines of the leading European producer of Roll-Forming Equipment – PIEMME Company.

You are welcome to visit our factory.

LM GROUP is the only producer that can supply today in Russia pallet racking shoulders up to 36 tons of capacity, even though calculated with the most strict security coefficients.

LM GROUP offers also the widest range of products and solutions for the mezzanines and an automatic kit-type production for heavy-duty cantilever racking systems up to 14 m of height together with a customized light-medium shelving systems.

Besides a first class production equipment we offer also professional assistance in realization of logistic turn-key projects – starting from equipping of the offices and archives up to composite “A” class storehouse equipping using innovation technical solutions.

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